University Admission Blogs

Here you will soon find blogs written by university students, that we call 'university admission mentors' at universities around the world. Read about the journey they have taken so you can enhance yours.

You can reach out to them for personal advice and as so many of them are experienced tutors, they can help you get the grades you need too!

Medical Admission Blogs

Once you have joined the TAG community and completed the initial pages of your single application form, you will have access to mentors from universities and they will be able to mentor and guide you and share their personal experiences (that they might not have added onto a blog) to help you optimise your application to study abroad.

You may have already applied and need assistance with interviews or just a second opinion on which one to accept once you have received offers from more than one!.

You may just be a busy parent looking for the best options for your child before they embark on arguably most important (an expensive) journey of their life.

Invest your time and focus with those that have already been there, done that and get key questions answered:

  • What is the university's status really like?
  • How much does it cost when travelling around?
  • Is the campus as safe as the university claims it is?
  • What are the job or internships prospects once graduated?
  • When does the university support start to enhance employability?
  • Does the university up-skill and enhance so I can work in other countries?

The above can only answered honestly by existing students, that are not incentivised to say what the university pays them to say (eg. ambassadors).

Connect with an TAG application mentor now and learn about your desired course or university in the most authentic way possible.