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Who would you approach for the best advice if you were booking a hotel? A previous guest, or the travel agent trying to sell you the accommodation? Of course, you're likely to go by what a previous guest will tell you.

Similarly, when it comes to university selection, personal insights are crucial. Why would you simply choose such a critical phase of your child's education from the information on the website or from a recruitment agent?

Parents Helping

Advice from successful students

Selecting the right university for your child is one of the most crucial decisions you can make. It is also likely to be one of the most significant financial commitments of your child's life.

Therefore, you must get unbiased and honest feedback from students currently studying at the universities you are considering.

Apply for University will connect your child with student mentors who have gone through the selection process and are studying at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. These mentors will have been studying at university for several years, so they will have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of university and campus life. Your child will also get insights and advice on boosting the chances of getting into the university they want.

Multiple mentors, multiple insights

Applying for university allows you to connect with more than one mentor at a time. You can choose a mentor from the university's country and one from your home. This will give you a broader perspective and multiple insights into the university.

It will also help grow your child's network and leave you questioning why you ever considered using a traditional recruitment agent.

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." Jim Rohn

Therefore, you should ensure at least one of these five people for your child is a university application mentor.

It's challenging to protect your child from the influences of social media. This medium is frequently used to influence your child into a particular course of action or make a specific choice.

These connections tend to be shallow and short-lasting. Connect them with a university mentor today if you want to give your child a tangible competitive advantage.

Each one of our university mentors abides by our strict codes of conduct. In most cases, mentors are also experienced tutors, giving you added security.

Their one-to-one mentoring and tutoring sessions include the following:

  • recording of session for enhanced learning purposes
  • Virtual whiteboard facility.
  • Maximum interactivity through screen sharing.
  • safe and secure environment.

Our university mentors will not only boost your child's chances of getting the university they want, but they will also help them in their studies, exam preparation, and university life.

University is not just about getting qualifications; it is also about meeting new people and extending your network.

Give your child a head start by connecting with university mentors now. Harness the power of authentic student feedback and let that be your influence - not social media or expensive marketing.


Most of our mentors have been, or still do, tutor via traditional tutoring companies. However, you will read about and see some of the credentials of each mentor before you book your free discovery call with them. On this call, you can discuss their suitability and decide if they are a good match. It also depends on how you define 'qualified' because some parents might be looking for a mentor who is also from their country and is studying a specific course. Others are looking for qualified tutors to help with studies or homework, so where the tutor currently studies may not be important.

Some mentors offer initial bookings free of charge, which other more experienced tutors may charge from £8 per hour. As we are a marketplace, once you have registered all mentors display their fees when booking your appointment and you will see these after you have registered. Mentors and tutors receive 100% of their displayed fees, so unlike a traditional tutoring company we do not take a commission from this. Therefore, you so help your mentor in their journey at university too. In addition, since most of our tutors currently work f or other tutoring companies, you may be making a considerable cost saving for exactly the same service!

Absolutely, we take privacy, safeguarding and security very seriously. All mentors and applicants (you) agree to a Codes of Conduct; all mentoring and tutoring sessions are recorded for added security and reference purposes. Most of our mentors and tutors are experienced at what they do, because they have been, or still do, tutor via traditional tutoring companies, so they are well rehearsed in the services they offer.

In addition, our mentors and tutors are also being assisted in their future career prospects and internships, so they are committed to promoting their own ‘personal brand’ of quality.

We are the world's first student peer-to-peer marketplace on a mission to connect applicants at different stages of their application journey: from school, through university, all the way to employment. Enough said!

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