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Here's your chance to join a trailblazing peer-to-peer student marketplace that connects you directly with university applicants from all over the world.

  • Set your preferred pricing
  • Earn 100% of what you charge
  • Promote your 'personal brand'
  • Improve your future job prospects
  • Expand your professional network
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Why become a university application mentor?

As shown below, there are many advantages to becoming a university applicant mentor. It not only benefits the applicant, but you too will get a lot out of the process. Indeed, it will boost your resume, giving you evidence of mentoring and teaching experience that will provide you with a competitive advantage in the future.

Key advantages of being a university mentor:

Develop leadership & coaching skills

Develop leadership & coaching skills

Enhance your communication and networking skills

Enhance your communication and networking skills

Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas

Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas


Improve your future job prospects

Of course, these benefits are much more valuable than financial rewards. However, you also have the potential of earning up to £1,500 per month , depending on your pricing and availability.

So, why not start improving your professional network today by making valuable connections with university applicants.

Marketplace for students, not a tutoring agency

The critical aspect of this is that it puts you in control. You have direct contact access to students and parents. Therefore, you can contact them to discuss your mentoring scope, availability, fees, and so on. It provides valuable experience as you prepare to leave university and move into full-time employment.

Being able to set your availability means that during crucial times such as exams, you can limit your mentoring hours. You have control of the process entirely.


This is a unique platform where you, the mentor/tutor, are in control. Therefore, you set your availability and price, and we don’t take a cut. The prices you set for your services are what you receive, allowing you to make more money.

You build your brand with your clients, who get to know and trust you, and you simply develop your network through us. This is an excellent way to boost your CV and profile in preparation for when you leave university and set off into the real world.

While you do all of the above, your CV and profile is also being enhanced, helping you stand out from the crowd. In fact, we even invite potential employers with internships to make contact with you if you wish.

Not at all, in fact, we prefer it! You will not be tutoring for us anyway; you will be offering your mentoring and/or tutoring services on behalf of yourself. This means you build your own personal brand rather than work for someone else's and earn 100% of what you charge, because we don't take a cut off your prices.

Like with your fees, that's up to you. However, we prefer our mentors not to spend too much time as their primary focus should be on their own studies and success. After all, this is what makes you a successful mentor in the first place!

Yes - we are a student marketplace and therefore any university student, who may be mentoring other applicants, can also get mentored by other university students. After all, our mission is to enhance the application journey from school, to university and all the way to employment.

We will consider all applications and support you with necessary feedback. We do not insist that mentors have extensive experience in mentoring or tutoring as we let the applicants make this judgement themselves during their discovery call.

However, we ask that all mentors and/or tutors are:

  • hard working university students (with valid student card)
  • passionate to support and grow their peer network globally
  • able to speak a second language
  • eligible to work (employment/self-employment/freelance basis) in the country they are studying in

Most mentors/tutors that we accept usually commit about to 4 hours per week of their time, however we will provide feedback on your application to discuss suitability.

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